UNMAKING: a research programme on the disruption of capitalism in societal transformation to sustainability


UNMAKING team organizes and presents at 3rd Utrecht Degrowth Symposium

Members of the UNMAKING team organized and/or presented at the  ‘3rd Utrecht Degrowth Symposium: Sowing sustainability in food and agriculture‘ at Utrecht University.

Utrecht Degrowth SymposiumThe symposium brought together policymakers and civil servants, researchers, students, farmers,  social movements, and other interested people to explore what a degrowth perspective can bring to the debate on agri-food system sustainability.

Utrecht Degrowth Symposium

The invited speakers and participants addressed the following questions:

  • What can degrowth contribute to the ongoing debate on agri-food system sustainability?
  • How would an agriculture sector that does not need to grow to merely survive look like in the Netherlands, and internationally?
  • Which degrowth-inspired policies and actions can contribute to transforming agri-food system toward sustainability?
Utrecht Degrowth Symposium