UNMAKING: a research programme on the disruption of capitalism in societal transformation to sustainability


UNMAKING team organizes and presents at 3rd Utrecht Degrowth Symposium

Members of the UNMAKING team organized and/or presented at the  ‘3rd Utrecht Degrowth Symposium: Sowing sustainability in food and agriculture‘ at Utrecht University. The symposium brought together policymakers and civil servants, researchers, students, farmers,  social movements, and other interested people to explore what a degrowth perspective can bring to the debate on agri-food system sustainability….

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UNMAKING team organizes workshops at Food Autonomy Festival

The UNMAKING team organized two workshops at this year’s Food Autonomy Festival in Utrecht (29 May 2022). Guilherme Raj designed and facilitated a workshop on ‘Queering the countryside: the role of agri-food grassroots initiatives expanding sexuality and gender norms’. Julia Spanier, Jacob Smessaert, Guilherme Raj and Giuseppe Feola facilitated a workshop that was designed by…

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UNMAKING Team contributes to 8th International Degrowth Conference

The UNMAKING team contributed en masse to the 8th International Degrowth Conference that took place between 23-28 August in Den Haag (the Netherlands). The UNMAKING team (co-)organized various conference sessions: Conference plenary on Anarchism and Degrowth (co-organized by Jacob Smessaert), Conference plenary on Dutch Social Movements and Degrowth (co-organized by Laura van Oers) Conference plenary…

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Jacob Smessaert and Julia Spanier give workshop at Food Autonomy Festival

On 12 June Jacob Smessaert and Julia Spanier gave a workshop on ‘Envisioning Food systems for Degrowth‘ at ASEED’s Food Autonomy Festival, which was held in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Wageningen. The workshop took place in Utrecht. Envisioning Food Systems for Degrowth This workshop invites participants to explore how food production, distribution and consumption may be…

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UNMAKING team members organize Second Utrecht Degrowth Symposium

Laura van Oers, Giuseppe Feola and former UNMAKING researcher Olga Koretskaya are among the organizers of the Second Utrecht Degrowth Symposium, which will be held online on 15 May 2020.   During the event participants will discuss what a circular society can look like and how it can be achieved from the perspectives of practitioners…

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The UNMAKING project team co-organized the 1st Utrecht Degrowth Symposium

Giuseppe Feola, Olga Coretcaia, Laura van Oers, Leonie Guerrero, Guilherme Raj and Jacob Smessaert co-organized, with colleagues from Copernicus Institute and the Dutch Degrowth Platform, the 1st Utrecht Degrowth Symposium at Utrecht University. This symposium, the first of this kind in the country, brought together over 360 participants from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and from…

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